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Qualifications to be a plumber in Australia

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Plumbers required! That will be the message in different advertising media regarding this much sought after service. How can I qualify to be a plumber in South Australia especially in the Adelaide region? The plumbing job requires someone who is able to lay, test and maintain pipes, fittings, metal roofing gas meters and regulators is a job that requires skills and education and one that is strictly regulated in Australia.

Qualifications to become a Plumber in Australia

In Australia, you have to complete an apprenticeship and obtain a certificate III in plumbing. Under the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act of 1995 all individuals, companies and partnerships are required to hold a license to do plumbing works. This license is issued by the Consumer and Business Service in Australia. For immigrants, the Offshore Technical Skills Records is required to show that they have the required technical skills in Certificate III in plumbing and can apply for a restricted workers registration to work under direct supervision. There is also the Recognition of Prior Learning which recognizes skills that have been learned before any registration especially for immigrants. This will be given without completing a standard training program or course. These are skills that have been gained through other forms of study, self-study or work experience.

Costs of hiring a Plumber

The cost of hiring a plumber usually varies with the situation at hand. They usually charge a call-out fee which is what you pay to having them attend to your needs. Afterwards they charge by the hour until completion of the job. A call-out fee can cost about $50 to $100 with hourly rates set at similar rates. It depends on where you live and also the level of skills possessed by the plumber. A master plumber is likely to charge more for their services. There can be fixed charges for services like unblocking drainage or installing water systems. Other not so common plumbing services will be charged depending on the nature of work required and the time spent to accomplish the job.

Some plumbers offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing services because most plumbing problems occur outside the 8 to 5 window period. The cost usually varies although some will charge usual hourly rates but most will charge extra for call outs at odd hours. There are many plumbers in Adelaide but finding the most suitable and reliable plumber will need a good knowledge about plumbing services. If you visit on line sites about plumbing you will be able to locate plumbing experts operating in your location. The Internet will give you profiles of plumbing companies or businesses with the best plumbers and its upon you to choose plumbers that you can work with. Experienced plumbers will be able to serve your special needs to your satisfaction.

Plumbing services are critical services in Australia that are highly regulated. Becoming a professional plumber must meet certain basic requirements whether you are a local or an immigrant plumber. Special consideration is given to immigrants as long as they can prove their competency through other means that are acceptable by the Australian plumbing regulating bodies.

Relevant Information On Experienced Plumbers In South Australia


Plumbing is one of the daily activity in any society as far as home improvement is concern.If you need to install or repair water or electric pipes in your home, it is therefore very important to look for a five star expert that offers perfect plumbing services in South Australia and its environs.The expert should have registered top industrial performances according to the recent industrial progress analysis.Its quality services should be evident considering the positive reviews from different clients.

The following qualification required to be a plumber in South Australia will help you when choosing an an excellent plumbing company.

Accessible location

The company should be South Australia based.The location should be accessible to all the clients who need plumbing services.Its accessibility will give a golden opportunity to all the clients to access plumbing services despite their residential areas.Accessibility of the company will also give easy time to different clients when tracing the company.


Experience is highly valued in any field.On that note,for any plumbing company to qualify in South Australia, it should be well experienced.The experienced plumber company exhibits top industrial performances and services delivery.Experience enables the team of the plumbing company to built competence as they offer quality services to the clients.

Fully licensed and qualified company

For a company to qualify in South Australia, it must be recognized by the industrial authorities.It should is fully licensed to offer plumbing services in South Australia and it’s surroundings.It should value government laws and abide by them to the letter.Dealing with a certified company will see one free from frustrations involved when dealing with unlicensed company.The able staff members should have brilliant plumbing services.Their reliable skills contributes magnanimously to the qualifications of the company to offer plumbing services in South Australia

Affordable services

Financial budget is very important as far as success in any field is concern.Plumbing company should offer affordable and fast quotes to its clients. endeavour to serve our clients quickly with reasonable prices.Our services are affordable in general and this has enabled all our clients to enjoy our plumbing services with minimal financial strains.Unlike other companies which are profit oriented,our company prioritizes the interests of our clients and cater for them fully.

Satisfaction assurance

The plumbing company in South Australia should be in a position to offer plumbing services that satisfies your interests .For a company to qualify,It should serve all its clients to their satisfaction.The great mission and vision of the company should be to leave the clients fully satisfied.

Ability to offer all plumbing services.

For the company to qualify in offering plumbing services in south Australia, it should have the ability to offer the following services;

•Commercial plumbing and gasfitting services

•Residential plumbing and gasfitting

•Unblocking drains services

•Burst pipes repair services

•Hot water systems installation and

•Tap ware and bathroom among others

You can find experienced plumber in Adelaide in the following areas

•North and North East Suburbs

•Queen Adelaide

•Glenelg South Adelaide and

•Freeville,SA among others.

Why plumbing companies charge higher fees for emergency services.

It involves interruption of planned programs of their companie’s scheduled operations. Also involves extra payment of allowances to the staff involved in the emergency operation.

When looking for an experienced plumber company that offers excellent plumbing services,it is very important to consider the qualification that a plumber company must meet to qualify in offering plumbing services in South Australia and its environs.

Get the best qualified plumber in Adelaide

plumbers in Adelaide

Adelaide is on of Australia’s great cities. With over 1.5 million people the population and businesses are dynamic. This means there are many plumbers to choose from, meaning you can find a plumbing company in the Adelaide Hills, the Plains, down South or even in the city really easily.

Emergency is that alarming situation in which most of us are mostly unaware of what to do. You can get into an emergency situation anywhere and anytime. Same as that, when we are talking about the emergency plumber needs, then everyone will agree to the fact that it is one of the scariest situations. Your pipes and drainage can choke at any time and that could be some real trouble for you. Of course, these are the mechanical tasks, which is not possible for every person to perform himself. Therefore, you need a professional and qualified plumber.

In South Australia, there are number of plumbing services available, but it is essential to make sure that he has the right qualifications and the expertise to solve your problems. The qualified plumbers charge as per their first class qualities, but that is what any quality services worth. If you are also looking for a qualified plumber in the South Australia, then you must seek that they have got the traineeship in plumbing with the right years of experience. There are various certifications and trainings offered in the plumbing and they are:

– Commission and maintain hot water temperature control devices
– Restricted electronic qualification
– Certificate II
Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32411)
– Certificate in Plumbing and services (CPC40911)
All of these certifications and trainings are offered by reputable organizations and institutions so that the more work forces could get into quality services.

In Adelaide, there are various plumbing services working, which are offering competitive plumbing services. Even if you are looking to get the emergency plumber, then there are many companies which will get you that on a single call. These companies only keep the experienced plumbers and that is the reason that they charge extra more as compared to the usual rates.

When someone calls for the emergency plumber in Salisbury for example, then it means that they are requiring someone to come to serve them by leaving all their special duties on back. This is the reason that most of the plumbers ask for the client to pay them the extra amount mainly because they have the qualification, license, and they are providing quality service on time.

It is rather recommended to get the services from qualified and experienced plumbers instead of getting wrong services from the inexperienced plumbers. They do not waste your money, but they waste your time as well. You can also risk your equipment with the services of inexpert plumbers. There are many expensive things we have at home such as dish washers, washing machine, toilet equipment, hot water system, gas fitting or installation systems and much more, which cannot be given into the hands of new or inexpert plumbers. This is when you need the skills of qualified and tested plumbers. This thing proves that how much qualified and trained plumbers are important.
In South Australia, all the plumbers have to work after completing their apprenticeship and trainings of certain years, after which, they are given the license to perform as a plumber.